Street Fighting Man

Well, one thing you can never say about The Rolling Stones is that they’re boring. As well as being one the finest musical expositions to ever come from these Isles, the legendary band are also famed for being of the most hedonistic.

In a candid interview with An Other Man mag, axe-man Keith Richards has detailed what he had to go through to score some heroin back in the day. Like some sort of crazed scene from a movie, Richards said that for his own safety he used to carry a loaded gun, ‘the first one [gun] I bought was a Luger I picked up in the East Village in New York City. After that I went into rifles for a bit just because they go further’.

Adding; ‘I've carried a piece or two now and again - most of that was to do with the heroin business and being involved in, like, scoring. Especially in America, it bodes you well to be armed. A .38 Smith and Wesson Airweight revolver - that is the f******* gun. No safety on it.’

Remember kids, don’t do drugs, and if you do make sure you carry a man-killing-machine. No, hang on, that doesn’t sounds like handy advice.

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