SuBo strikes gold

Susan Boyle’s meteoric rise to the top, powered by some of the most powerful people in the UK music industry, is carrying on in much the same vein as it was before: rising meteorically. She has risen so far, so fast that she is now number one in six countries, with her debut album out-stripping any other that has come before it. Impressive stuff.

No other female artist has ever sold as many copies of their debut long player as quickly as SuBo has; just last week she shifted 1,195,820 copies of I Dreamed A Dream in the US and UK alone – with 411,820 copies in the UK and 784,000 in the States – and experts suggest that she’ll sell another two million this week. That is some serious cash money making its way to her pockets.

She has been so successful that in America the only person to have ever sold more copies of their debut album in its first week was Snoop Dogg, whose Doggystyle (from way back in 1993) sold 803,000. SuBo's album has been number one in the following nations: the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Good going, no?

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