Suede reform!

Ah, the ongoing drama of Suede. The britpop legends were never the same after Bernard Butler left, in our humble opinion. After making a successful record with singer David McAlmont, and two not-so-successful solo albums, Butler finally made up with singer Brett Anderson a few years ago, and the two formed a new band, The Tears, to general indifference.

Well, alright, we admit it - the two aren't recording under the Suede name again yet. But they have been working on Suede music together. What is the meaning of this cunning riddle? Well, it's simple really. The two have been working together to remaster their hits for a new Best Of compilation.

Proof that, following the Blur reunion, the Britpop revival is well and truly under way, the two worked together to prepare the compo, which will be out later in November. 'It was a nice trip down memory lane,' Anderson told the NME.

Here's hoping this 90's nostalgia-fest runs itself through before the Northern Uproar reunion.

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