Suga turns sour

Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan is apparent set to sue the current Sugababes to stop them from using the name of the band she founded 12 years ago. Buchanan was booted out of the group last year after years of rumours that she was impossible to work with, and now she is insisting that the new girls – Heidi Range, Jade Ewan and Amelle Berrabah – either change the name or face paying her a lump sum which could be in the millions of pounds.

‘This is a landmark case and will send shockwaves through the industry,’ a source said to The Mirror. ‘The Sugababes are one of the most successful girlbands of all time, but if they are forced to change their name it would be absolutely disastrous for them. It would be very hard for them to maintain any credibility if they had no original band members and were called something else.

‘Keisha was an integral member from the very beginning so it is easy to understand why she is acting like this. She even came up with the band's name with fellow founder member Mutya Buena and deserves something for making the Sugababes what they are today.’

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