Sugababe veterans reunited

Everybody’s been thinking it. What 2012 needs are some more manufactured girl groups, preferably with lots of juicy stories about catfights and bitchiness. No?

Well that’s what you are going to get. The Sun has broken the news that the original line-up of Sugababes is getting back together and recording new material.

The Sugababes brand has survived through numerous reshuffles, with the group’s management using the name as a catch-all title for a rotating squad of members. The current line-up using the name is the fourth collection. Any residual affection for the group probably resides with the original members Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan who are back in the studio together.

In the days before Adele and Amy, Sugababes were the most successful UK female act of the 21st century. Their first falling out came as early as 2001 when Donaghy left the group. She later complained that she had been bullied by Buchanan. Buena left in 2005 following the birth of her daughter. Buchanan left in 2009, claiming that she had been sacked.

Several labels are said to be interested in the new material. The trio have worked with songwriter Emeli Sande and producers like Naughty Boy, Xenomania and Mojam. Buena and Buchanan have been tweeting enthusiastically about the project.

Whether they can recapture the original successful formula must be subject to some doubt though, as the original Sugababes image and sound now need a major overhaul. The trio also need to come up with a new name. Buena has the right to use the name on her stationery, but not, it seems, on stage.

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