Sugar mummy

There could barely be a man in his early 20s who doesn’t want a hot older woman to pay for everything (and let’s be honest here, ‘teach’ him a few things) and generally treat him to the life of Riley. Well lucky old Jesus Luz has landed the very pick of the bunch in Madonna; not only is she a notorious sauce pot, she’s also pulling a load of strings to get him a huge kick-start in the music biz, including pay for all of his studio time and giving her back catalogue away for advertising.

This is something that she is usually very stingy about, but to get him signed up to Warner, her former record label, she’s given permission for the likes of Vogue to be licensed for a huge advertising campaign in the States. As a result Luz’s first single We Came From Light will be coming out in May, produced by one of her many hot shot music whizz friends, like remix king Victor Calderone. Jammy git.

‘Madonna was determined to give Jesus all the help she can,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘She holds a lot of sway at Warners, where she had a deal until very recently. But getting him on the books wasn't completely plain-sailing. There was a little give and take between her and execs, but a compromise was eventually settled upon.

‘Madonna really wants Jesus's career to take off. She's been going through her Filofax and putting him in contact with as many of her influential pals as she can.

‘She's worked with Victor for a very long time and he understands just what she likes. Having him rejig Jesus's tracks will give them a cool cachet which is essential to building a clubland buzz.’

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