Sun shines on Field Day at last

It seems God has taken pity on the skinny-jeaned hordes of London's trendy East End. Field Day, the one-day festival in Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets that's like Glastonbury for the ironic-spectacle-wearing, has been plagued in recent years by rain and mud and general misery.

On Saturday at lunchtime, it looked like 2010's festival might go the same way. But no! Mid-afternoon the sun put in an appearance, and it hung around for most of the day.

The relieved crowd enjoyed a storming set from legendary misery-rockers The Fall, while Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys (not to be confused with lame TV funnyman Griff Rhys Jones) played a set with Brazilian musician Tony Da Gatorra, slightly randomly.

As the sun set the day was rounded off with an appropriately smooth and sunny set from french retro-rockers Phoenix (pictured). And then the crowd dissipated, leaving nothing but broken sunglasses and trampled trucker caps in their wake...

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