Supergig to aid Japan?

If you live in Japan you’re probably not feeling all that great right now: what with the earthquake aftershocks, the devastating tsunami and the risk of a nuclear meltdown, things are extremely serious, and could get worse before they get any better. Don’t worry though, because some of the world’s biggest record labels are set to organise a supergig in your honour, in London – that’ll make everything better, right?

The idea behind the concert – which is being discussed by Sony, Universal and concert promoter Live Nation – is perfectly noble: raise money for the relief effort in Japan. It would be shown live on the BBC in the UK and NBC in the States, and will likely be held at Wembley Arena. We’re only a teeny bit cynical regarding the record company’s motives: surely if they were that bothered they could just send loads of money themselves, instead of putting some of their biggest acts live on telly at prime time?

‘The supergig will be the biggest concert in years and a huge global spectacle,’ a source told The Sun. ‘No names have been confirmed yet but the organisers are expecting a massive response from acts of all eras. They're hoping the TV audience numbers will break records.’

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