Supergrass split up via email

Ageing former Britpoppers were spitting feather last April when Supergrass announced that they were splitting up: you could barely see for the rivers of tears sloshing from the balding heads of the once-cool, and we can understand that feeling, for we are those very old gits who are living in the past. A faded past of Reebok Classics and floppy centre parting haircuts.

So you’ll understand that we don’t want to pick over the corpse of Oxford’s finest exponents of indie pop too much, however it is quite sad to hear that the group split up via email: it’s hardly the Rock ‘n’ Roll ending befitting such a band, is it?

‘There were a lot of arguments at the end, but I think we all knew it was the right thing to do, because we weren't connecting,’ said Gaz Coombes to Bang Showbiz. ‘There's no point pushing through something mediocre.

‘I just sat down one night and just wrote an email out to everyone, saying we should call it a day and I kind of want to put my effort into something that I'm going to get immediate reward from and excitement.

‘I didn't feel like we were challenging each other in the right way, or things just weren't coming out the way they should.’

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