Supergrass will ’probably reform at some point’

Good news for Brit-pop nostalgists as former Supergrass bassist Micky Quinn has fueled rumours of the band’s reunion by saying he thinks Supergrass will ‘probably reform at some point.’

Quinn has said that he is still good mates with fellow band members Gaz Coombes, Rob Coombes and Danny Goffrey and that they would probably get back together in the future.

The bassist told the BBC: ‘I'm still on good terms with the rest of them and I'm confident we would probably reform at some point.’

However, Quinn has a new band called dB Band, which consists of drummer Mikey Dean-Smith and bassist Paul Wilson. The group expect to release an EP in the spring. But Quinn, who plays guitar in the band, is keeping his options open.

’It's great to play with other people so I'm just playing it by ear at the moment,’ he said.

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