Swansong of New York

The Pogues have revealed that they have decided to not tour the USA again, once they finish their current stateside trip.

Don’t worry though: the London-Irish folk legends, who have spent much of the last 30 years helping Shane McGowan to stand up, are not breaking up, and nor have they hinted at not playing any more gigs (either there or this side of the pond). However should you have any Irish- American friends, get in touch with them, as this could be the last chance they ever get to see their heroes in action.

‘I think we are basically pretty certain this is the last tour of this type we'll be doing in the States,’ Pogues member Peter 'Spider' Stacy told Billboard. ‘There might be the odd sort of one-off here and there.

‘We're not saying this is absolutely, definitely the end. But as things stand at the moment I don't really see us continuing as we have been. It seems to have run its course.’

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