Sway-ing to Ryan’s rhythm

You may or may not have seen Liverpool and Holland winger Ryan Babel rapping before, unless you’ve got a keen ear for Dutch hip-hop, but you’ll soon seen what his flow is all about now that he’s spitting some bars over a Sway track for his new album.

Sway told BBC radio’s Newsbeat that the footballer will be appearing on the LP, currently titled The Signature 2, alongside other cameos by the likes of once-famous R ‘n’ B/garage star Craig David and excrement hot young gun Tinchy Stryder. Biggest news of all though, is that Neutrino (remember Bound 4 Tha Reload? Of course you do) will be sticking is head up as well.

‘He's actually on the song with me and Neutrino (see? - Ed),’ he said. ‘Yeah, Ryan Babel's a good mate of mine. He's a nice guy, he's a sick rapper. The way he flips his flow is marvellous, man, so I wanted him to do a bit - half Dutch, half British - and he really pulled it off, man. I think it's a track that people are gonna like.’

Link: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/a172285/sway-collaborates-with-footballer.html

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