SyCo does good

It's nice to see SyCo doing something with that huge profile of his to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake, even if his personal mind-boggling wealth could single handedly pull the country out of poverty for good. (He recently signed a $500million contract with Sony which will push his earnings close to the £1billion mark....)

Anyway, wads of wonga aside the tellylord is organising a song - to be released by the weekend, using his array of X Factor or SyCo contracted stars, including Leona Lewis and Subo. Cheryl Cole has also expressed an interest.

'I wanted to do something for Haiti so when I had calls from The Sun and the Prime Minister asking if I would get involved I agreed immediately. We are going to do a single. We only made the decision today. I have got to get it together in 48 hours,' he told The Sun.

That's a fast turnaround, but if anyone can do it, we're sure SyCo can....

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