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  • Jacko rehearses Human Nature

    Jacko rehearses Human Nature

    This clip of MJ practising 'Human Nature' taken from the up coming This Is It tour film shows the KOP looking dangerously not well. Not only is he as lean as a racing snake, he doesn't seem too steady on his feet either.

  • Ethan Bourain: X Factor hunk

    Ethan Bourain: X Factor hunk

    Another week another male X Factor contestant who makes Dani and Cheryl draw breath. This time the rather lush 'made for the stage' Ethan Bourain bowled over the judges. Not only has the hunky American got a lovely voice, he can twang a guitar too. Check him out singing Kings of Leon 'Use Somebody.'

  • The Michael Jackson medley

    The Michael Jackson medley

    We were getting bored of Jacko tribute dances, so this clever little medley of all his greatest hits is a welcome relief. Good job peeps

  • Mexico's massive MJ tribute

    Mexico's massive MJ tribute

    There's been a bit of swine flu going about recently in Mexico but that didn't stop 13 thousand taking to the streets to dance to Thriller in tandem. Perhaps they're a bit slow on the Michael Jackson tribute uptake but pundits are calling this the most spectacular flashmob dance yet. What do you think?

  • Michael Jackson, still alive?

    Michael Jackson, still alive?

    If you're keen on conspiracy theories and Jacko ghost sightings then you'll love this; it's the King of Pop getting out of a coroner's van after his alleged death. Or is it?

  • Michael Jackson at home with the kids

    Michael Jackson at home with the kids

    Rare footage of Michael Jackson spending time with his children has hit the web. Here the King of Pop arranges a special birthday for son Prince, teaches the kids the chicken dance and tells them a thing or two about achieving their goals in life

  • Filipino prisoners are 'Dangerous'

    Filipino prisoners are 'Dangerous'

    The guys in the orange jump suits are back, this time with a slick rendition of Dangerous with a bit of Smooth Criminal thrown in for good measure. Cracking good dancers they are

  • Amsterdam MJ tribute goes Pete Tong

    Amsterdam MJ tribute goes Pete Tong

    Oh dear, Amsterdam's Michael Jackson tribute is the worst yet. The cool kids managed to miss two essentials of any flashmob MJ tribute: Michael Jackson music playing really loud in the background, and people who can actually dance. Nil point Amsterdam!

  • Joe Jackson on Larry King, part 2

    Joe Jackson on Larry King, part 2

    In the second part of this revealing interview (Joe's first since Michael's death) Daddy Jackson claims there was foul play behind his son's death. The finger is pointed at the doctor who was living with Michael

  • Joe Jackson, Larry King, part four

    Joe Jackson, Larry King, part four

    Larry asks Joe if he regrets anything to do with Michael Jackson's upbringing - especially accusations that he had been abusive to him. Joe denies ever abusing Michael (emotionally or physically) before turning the subject of abuse to slavery (5 mins in.)

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