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  • Gaga on Oprah

    Gaga on Oprah

    When Lady Gaga's dad saw her in a nightclub wearing a leopard skin g-string and indian headress whilst rocking out to an Iron Maiden song he 'just didn't get it'. To Gaga it was a classic pop-cultural commentary on the legacy of Princess Diana and fame. What, you didn't get that either?

  • Rihanna sings Redemption Song

    Rihanna sings Redemption Song

    Two big thumbs up to RiRi - the gorgeous singer performed a gorgeous version of the Bob Marley classic on Oprah with all proceeds from the cover going to the Haiti relief fund

  • Mariah: tripping on Jay

    Mariah: tripping on Jay

    Mariah Carey's trip on Jay Leno has been burning up the web, but as far as trips go, it was underwhelming. Far more intriguing was how she squeezed herself into that teeny bube tube, and how it stayed up the whole interview without buckling under the sheer weight.....

  • Peter Andre, This Morning part two

    Peter Andre, This Morning part two

    In the latter part of Andre's This Morning interview, viewers are treated to a behind the scenes look at the recording of his new song, written specially for Harvey. Fern gives it a breathless 'wonderful' and Phil almost whistles under his breath. What do you think?

  • Peter Andre on This Morning, part one

    Peter Andre on This Morning, part one

    The one time Mr Jordan has hit back at his estranged wife's interview with Piers Morgan with an appearance on This Morning. Once on the sofa he dodges questions about exactly why the pair split, but blames a large part of it on having lived their marrigae in the public eye. Fern oozes fake sympathy, Phil tries to not to laugh

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