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  • Christopher's Poker Face

    Christopher's Poker Face

    We're fans of pop songs being read out as serious literature; they're like bedtime stories with an abstract, post modern feel. Let Christopher Walken lull you into a relaxing state with Lady Gaga's Poker face

  • Mr Shakira, he's a He Wolf

    Mr Shakira, he's a He Wolf

    This is a little bit sick making but also funny and difficult to stop watching. It's Shakira's She Wolf video turned into a He Wolf. Barf. Chuckle. Barf. Chuckle. Etc etc.....

  • Musical groceries

    Musical groceries

    All those big shiny fruits, all those aisles, all those random people with their very own backstory; the fruit and veg section of a supermarket is just crying out to stage musical theatre . E voila.

  • Ex Prime Minister sings the Beatles

    Ex Prime Minister sings the Beatles

    There are certain things that you just don't expect a President to do, singing being one. Well Stephen Harper - ex Prime Minister of Canada has found YouTube fame after playing the piano and singing the Beatles' Get By With a Little Help from my friends. He's passionate and earnest and this is really very cute.

  • Madge and Gaga do SNL

    Madge and Gaga do SNL

    Is Madge a bit old to be parading round in her pants on SNL pretending to snog Lady Gaga? Perhaps, yes. But that didn't stop her doing it on Saturday night. We have to give it to her, she looked better than her twenty years younger rival...

  • Dancing Beyonce baby

    Dancing Beyonce baby

    If he can dance this well to tricky choreography like Beyonce's Single Ladies, then just imagine what an absolute MOVER this kid is going to be when he grows up. He does turbo bum and everything. Gold

  • Run This Town, spoof

    Run This Town, spoof

    This spoof of Rihanna and Jay-Z's Run This Town has got some rather different words to the original: clue, it's all about hunting down Chris Brown and it ends with Rihanna, a truncheon and her wifebeating ex beau. Can you guess what happens next?

  • Hitler reacts to Oasis split

    Hitler reacts to Oasis split

    If you saw how thoroughly fecked off Hitler was when Michael Jackson kicked it, then you'll understand his fury at the Oasis split. Not only had he booked a day's leave so he could 'drink and pull' at their concert without worrying about work the next day, he'd also learnt all the lyrics so he could 'sing his little heart out.

  • Britney and Russell take two

    Britney and Russell take two

    Last year at the VMA's, Britney and Russell Brand got on so well that what they got up to backstage would be anyone's guess. Well this year's awards looks much of the same. Check out their latest commercial in which The Love Muscle telepathically instructs Britney to sleep with him. Great work RB

  • Nirvana vs Rick Astley

    Nirvana vs Rick Astley

    Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give you Up to the tune of Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit is funny because, well, it is. Rick's Eighties dancing is in perfect time to the music too......

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