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  • Oops


    Lil' Wayne gets caught with a banned item by prison warders - can anyone guess what it is?

  • Finally


    Lil' Wayne has at last been sentenced to his year in prison

  • A Lil' bit of luck - AGAIN

    A Lil' bit of luck - AGAIN

    Yes, Lil' Wayne's sentencing has been delayed for a THIRD time - is he the luckiest convicted felon alive?

  • Burning down the (court) house

    Burning down the (court) house

    Lil' Wayne's jail sentence was delayed yesterday because of a fire in the court

  • By the skin of his teeth

    By the skin of his teeth

    Lil' Wayne has his prison sentence delayed for dental surgery

  • Musn't grumble, eh?

    Musn't grumble, eh?

    Lil' Wayne claims he's looking forward to his year long stretch in the slammer

  • A lil' bit good

    A lil' bit good

    The new Lil' Wayne documentary The Carter is pulling some great reviews, so go and watch it when it comes out

  • Tha Carter, warts and all

    Tha Carter, warts and all

    A new documentary on rap megastar Lil' Wayne is set for release, and we've got the trailer

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