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  • They can go **** themselves

    They can go **** themselves

    Carl Barat hasn't got a lot of time for people who say The Libertines were too polished at their festival shows

  • Cheers chaps

    Cheers chaps

    Carl Barat thanks The Libertines fans who turned out in force for their reunion shows

  • Libertines to stay together?

    Libertines to stay together?

    Drummer Gary Powell says the band might stay together after their summer shows

  • Warming up

    Warming up

    The Libertines are to play a warm-up gig in London before their Reading and Leeds outings

  • Don't do it!

    Don't do it!

    The Mystery Jets say The Libertines should have waited a few years to have their reunion

  • New Libertune

    New Libertune

    Carl Barat has written a new song for the Libertines' reunion at Reading and Leeds

  • No Dough-erty

    No Dough-erty

    Pete Doherty is apparently flat broke and living a hand-to-mouth existence in trendy north London

  • Serendipity


    Carl Barat explains how the British Library made him finally agreed to reform the Libertines

  • They get along

    They get along

    The Libertines are finally reforming, agreeing to perform at Reading and Leeds this year

  • Yet more Libertines rumours

    Yet more Libertines rumours

    Pete Doherty has told the world that he wants to have The Libertines reformed in time for next year’s festival season.

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