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  • Still going

    Still going

    The Queen of Pop is set to embark on yet another massive tour

  • Sugar mummy

    Sugar mummy

    Jesus Luz gets his foxy older woman to pay for his music career - some guys get all the luck

  • Madge and Gaga do SNL

    Madge and Gaga do SNL

    Is Madge a bit old to be parading round in her pants on SNL pretending to snog Lady Gaga? Perhaps, yes. But that didn't stop her doing it on Saturday night. We have to give it to her, she looked better than her twenty years younger rival...

  • Madonna collapses on stage

    Madonna collapses on stage

    The Queen of Pop passes out twice on the same night while performing live, but carries on regardless

  • Racists boo Madonna

    Racists boo Madonna

    Romanians show all the sensitivity of a concentration camp guard when Madge speaks out against racism towards gypsies

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