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  • Jacko rehearses Human Nature

    Jacko rehearses Human Nature

    This clip of MJ practising 'Human Nature' taken from the up coming This Is It tour film shows the KOP looking dangerously not well. Not only is he as lean as a racing snake, he doesn't seem too steady on his feet either.

  • This is It trailer

    This is It trailer

    The trailer for Michael Jackson's This Is It tour footage film aired at the MTV VMA awards at the weekend. Despite looking dangerously thin, the King of Pop looks dangerously on top of his dance moves, and ticket holders will be more gutted than ever that the concerts never came to fruition. The film comes out October 28th

  • Filipino prisoners are 'Dangerous'

    Filipino prisoners are 'Dangerous'

    The guys in the orange jump suits are back, this time with a slick rendition of Dangerous with a bit of Smooth Criminal thrown in for good measure. Cracking good dancers they are

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