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  • Making Enemies

    Making Enemies

    The Enemy's Tom Clark seems to have been hit with the classic rock star's disease - hubris. Still, at least he slags off Keane

  •  The Enemy to write England World Cup song?

    The Enemy to write England World Cup song?

    Tom Clarke puts his bid in to write and record the official South Africa 2010 anthem

  • Noel holds barred

    Noel holds barred

    The Oasis guitarist decides that he's had enough of the NME, and coats off winkle picker wearing whoppers in very amusing style

  • You're The Enemy

    You're The Enemy

    Liam Gallagher lets fly at The Enemy's Tom Clarke after he called Oasis past it

  • Crawling with bands

    Crawling with bands

    The Camden Crawl kicks off tomorrow, and apart from Camden being a tip, it's great. So go

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