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  • Jackson estate sued for $1 billion

    Jackson estate sued for $1 billion

    A woman claims to have been the inspiration for some of Michael Jackson's biggest hits

  • Not Bad Jacko

    Not Bad Jacko

    Michael Jackson proves he's still hot stuff, signing the biggest record deal ever from beyond the grave

  • Smooth, but a criminal?

    Smooth, but a criminal?

    Conrad Murray will be facing a criminal complaint for the death of Michael Jackson, according to gossipers

  • Thriller 'sucked'

    Thriller 'sucked'

    Michael Jackson hated the early mixes of the album so much that it was nearly scrapped

  • Amsterdam MJ tribute goes Pete Tong

    Amsterdam MJ tribute goes Pete Tong

    Oh dear, Amsterdam's Michael Jackson tribute is the worst yet. The cool kids managed to miss two essentials of any flashmob MJ tribute: Michael Jackson music playing really loud in the background, and people who can actually dance. Nil point Amsterdam!

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