Take That!

Well it’s been quite a year for new albums, first-up was Adele’s monster album ‘21’ reigning pretty in the UK charts for some 17 years (give or take a day), then came Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, and last week Arctic Monkeys’ excellent ‘Suck It And See’ but their days are definitely numbered.

According to the UK chart mid weeks Take That’s E.P. ‘Progressed’ – a collection of 9 new songs packaged in with last album ‘Progress’ is outselling all the competition. But because albums these days can be digitally downloaded the umpf in sales is due to Take That fans simply downloading the stand alone E.P.

Experts deny they are dubbing this the ‘Robbie Williams’ affect, we're calling this the 'it's because they're on a massive UK stadium tour affect'.

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