Take That and party

Robbie Williams has admitted that he has been in the studio and recorded material with his former Take That band mates in news that will give women in their early 30s heart attacks with excitement. Yes, Robbie Williams and Take That are officially back together, making music and everything.

The news comes after Williams’ dramatic return to the stage with the 90s boyband, who have made the mother of all comebacks over the last year, as they performed on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London for a Children in Need gig last Thursday.

‘Oh sod it, we've been in the studio and the songs are absolutely amazing,’ he said in a BBC Radio 2 interview set for broadcast on Christmas Day, according to NME. He also claimed that the songs sound ‘incredibly great’. Whether or not they’ll be rubbing jelly into themselves at G.A.Y is another matter altogether, mind you.

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