Take That break

Take That have more or less reconquered the world since reforming a few years back: they've toured the world and had massive selling number one albums, and generally shown these young bucks how it's done. However it could all be coming to an end fairly soon – but why?

It has been reported that the band are taking a two-year break from music, citing exhaustion after their sell-out Progress Live tour (they're not as young as they used to be, remember), while rumours continue to circulate about tension between Robbie Williams and Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen. Relations have got so bad that the three apparently threatened to quit. But then who will the country's housewives chuck their knickers at now, eh?

'At first it was a fairytale, having Robbie back and being a five-piece again, but a few arguments and their touring schedule made it hard going,' a source said. 'Howard, Jason and Mark all said they were shattered at the end of their tour, and are not sure they'll be able to go through it all again at their age.

'This could now mean the end of the band. They will be meeting up to discuss things after Christmas. They all love touring and recording music, and have been totally dedicated to Take That but nothing has been decided about what happens next.

'There were problems. The guys knew working with Robbie would be different but they didn't realise how much of a change they'd have to make to accommodate him. Robbie can be over the top and most of the time is just joking around, but he should have been more aware and tried to fit in.'

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