Take That pull single and album release forward

Take That have decided that they can no longer stand the heat from the young ‘uns out there, after having pulled forward release dates so they don’t clash with slick R&B smoothies JLS.

The band were originally going to release their new album Progress on 22 November, but fearing that the release of JLS’s Outta This World on the same day, have decided to pull it forward a week, and have done the same thing with single The Flood, which will now be released on 7 November to avoid clashing with the north Londoner’s single Love You More.

‘We've actually never seen one of our singles be played so much so we're actually pulling all our release dates forwards,’ said Gary Barlow in an interview on Radio 1. ‘We're able to see the pre-orders now on albums and it's (sic) massive, so we thought let's pull everything forward.

‘Listen there's no question about it, we're here to be replaced aren't we? There's always a faster younger better model.’

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