Take That to headline Glastonbury?

The world can literally not have enough Take That right now, it seems. Not only is everyone going gaga about their come back as a five piece, there are rumours that the en vogue manband might be headlining Glastonbury next year. If you’d have such that to our teenage selves in 1994 we’d have probably stamped on you with our Reebok Classics.

‘There's a lot of logistics to sort out but both sides are desperate to make this happen,’ said a source to the News of the World, who then went on to discuss the band’s plans to make their tour humungous. ‘We're preparing to increase the tour to a scale never seen before. We think there will be more dates than Michael Jackson would have played.

‘People are talking about the lads being seen by 50 million plus people worldwide which would smash all known records for audience numbers.’

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