Take That: we’re not a boy brand

Gary Barlow has revealed that Take That avoid doing big corporate events and advertising.

The singer was speaking of the reasons why Take That never achieved the global success enjoyed by The Spice Girls in the 90s.

‘[The Spice Girls] did things we never quite believed in like advertising Coca Cola,’ the Back For Good singer told Chris Evans's Radio 2 breakfast show.

‘Even today when we're offered millions of pounds to do corporate events we really think about these things and generally don't do them. I think it all just chips away at what you are. We’re wealthy characters. We never go out there to make money, we go out there to enjoy it and to give people happiness, to show people what we've got and what we're doing right now.

‘It's amazing that we're 20 years in and we're still relevant, we're still in the charts. We're still feeling like we're moving forward and they're the reasons that we do it. All the things like advertising companies and whatever they bought into in that day and age has gone. I don't think bands do that anymore.’

Barlow appeared on Evans’ show to celebrate his 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Gaz!

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