Taking a break

Fans of pop music everywhere: it’s time to blow out a candle, poor out a little liquor and try to hold back those tears – Black Eyed Peas are taking a break, to have a little bit more personal time.

The news, which will surely punch a huge hole in the hearts of many pop fans, was announced by Fergie, who also revealed that band mastermind Will.i.am is planning on releasing a solo album. Called Black Einstein, it’s sure to keep all Peas fans tided over until they get their pop stuff back on the road.

‘We're taking a break,’ Fergie told Bang Showbiz. ‘Getting more of that personal time. Josh Duhamel and I have gotten to spend a lot more time together this year than other years, which is great.

‘I believe Will is coming out with a solo album. I've heard it, it's called Black Einstein, and it's amazing. I've been waiting for him to come out with this for so long.’

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