Tha Carter, warts and all

It’s rare that a film about a pop star is worth watching; usually they’re made solely for the benefit of their slobbering fans, who are less bothered about the actual content and just want to feel like they’re connecting with their idol. Coming straight outta the Sundance Film Festival, here is a music flick with a difference, centred on one the most popular hip-hop stars of the new century.

The Carter follows Lil’ Wayne around while he’s on stage, recording and just lounging about drinking his cough syrup-based concoction. (The Simpsons fans may be reminded of the Flaming Moe/Homer episode). Based on the trailer it seems like we get a proper warts-and-all look at the man, and Wayne’s reaction also points in that direction; it was set for a theatrical release until he tried to prevent the release of the film via a lawsuit, which claimed the producers had broken a contract that gave him control over the final edit. He lost, but the documentary is now only being released on DVD.

Did we mention a trailer? Oh, so we did. It’s below, and if it doesn’t intrigue you then you obviously have no time for hip-hop of documentary making, and that’s just poor taste. The film is set to ship on 17 November, and at the moment is only being sold in the USA, but we'll keep you posted if that changes.

The rapper was recently sentenced to a year in prison on gun charges after a handgun was found on his tour bus in New York City.

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