That’s some ringtone you’ve got

Move over Crazy Frog – the ultimate ringtone is on its way. Mark November 13 in your diaries, because that’s the day you can start downloading Stairway to Heaven to play in all its polyphonic glory on your mobile.

In fact, the whole Led Zeppelin back catalogue will be available online to download for the first time, leading up to the veteran rockers’ one-off performance at the 02 Arena on 26th November.  So you can get all the albums or just your favourite songs – and if you want your phone to announce a caller with Whole Lotta Love, your wish can be granted.

Maybe other artists from bygone eras could get in on the act. How about a tuneful ringtone from Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music? Or a nice bit of Leonard Cohen? Or a blast of “The End” by The Doors? Ideas anyone? 

(Image: from daveparker’s Flickr stream) 

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