That’s why they call him The Boss

Nicknames are always given for a just reason: a case in point is The Boss, the affectionate moniker for Bruce Springsteen. He’s The Boss, the man who runs the show and gives the best advice.

Kings Of Leon’s drummer Nathan Followill discovered this himself first hand when he he spent some man-time with The Boss after a recent New Jersey gig. Shedding some light to Uncut magazine he described the meeting by saying; ‘my wife's from Jersey. Her parents were in town to see Bruce Springsteen. After the show, I hung out with him. I was expecting this larger-than-life kind of guy, but he was just so chilled out and so quiet’.

Adding; ‘and he said something that I'll never forget. 'Man, you guys', he says. 'I'm so proud you all are doing good. You seem like level-headed guys. Keep your heads on straight. And never forget who you are. For two and a half hours a night I'm The Boss. The other 21 and a half, my wife is the boss. Never forget who you are'.

With Nathan wisely summarising; ‘so what I got was, basically, when you're on stage you're the s**t, you're the King, but as soon as you step off, you're just a normal guy just like everybody else. That was your job. You just got off work.’

That’s why they call him The Boss.

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