The ****, and ******* hot

We reported two weeks ago that Rihanna and Cheryl Cole were teaming up to make sweet, sweet music together. Now the Barbadian beauty has revealed how she and Cheryl Cole hooked up on The X Factor (in a working way, chaps, no filth here). Not only that, but she described the Geordie as ‘the s***’. High praise indeed.

‘It was crazy,’ she said to The Sun. ‘We have a mutual friend, so he was in my dressing room at The X Factor and I said I would love to do a song with Cheryl Cole.

‘He told me she just said exactly that next door, so I said to give her my number. He went to her dressing room and now we're going to start talking about that.

‘Cheryl Cole is the s**t, not only that she's f**king hot. It really put into perspective how well my new song is taking off because Cheryl Cole is 'it', she is The X Factor. Everybody wants to be on that level.’

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