The bird is the Xmas No1

Are you a betting man/woman? Do you like a cheeky flutter? Well, it looks like you could do no better than sticking down some dollar on The Trashmen’s ‘Surfin’ Bird’ being this year’s Christmas No1.

The song was a hit way back in 1963, but it’s a cover of the forgotten Rivington’s track ‘The Bird's the Word’, it was used in Stanley Kubrick’s war classic Full Metal Jacket to juxtapose the evil of killing and having fun. It recently rose to prominence again when Peter Griffin in Family Guy got obsessed with the song. The Facebook campaign to get it No1 has an impressive 400,000 fans already, and with Rage Against The Machine only needing 500,000 to take the Xmas crown last year, it’s easily the favourite for this years title. No apologies Monsieur Simon Cowell.

Watch the famed clip from Family Guy below. 28m views on YouTube says it all...

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