The Blue Lips

Life for the average ground-breaking band seems a little less rock and roll these days - tv's remain unthrown out of hotel windows. Groupies are probably travelling around the country accompanying their favourite band without harassment. Where can musicians cut their teeth on a life in the fast lane, without ending up at a bash thrown at Pete Doherty's on a Friday night?

The answer, it would seem, is in following Mark Ronson's example by downing a potentially lethal amount of raw liver, which the artist and sometime DJ performed expertly whilst recording with the band 'The Black Lips', Music-News reveals.

'Band member Cole Alexander explained: 'To get in the mood to record 'Raw Meat' we started eating all this liver sashimi. Then we all started getting sick from it. Mark had to go to hospital because his fever was so high. His brain was cooking, man.'

Ronson goes on: 'When I was there I was diagnosed with something with a lot of syllables in it ' endorhinitis, or something like that. I almost died. But I don't think it was intentional on their part.'

Good thing they weren't recording a song for the album called 'Russian Roulette'!

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