The Bluetones split

Britpopping also-rans The Bluetones have decided to hang up their jangly guitars and call it a day after a farewell tour this September.

The London four piece formed in 1993 and scored their biggest hit in 1996 with Slight Return, peaking at No 2 in the UK charts. The song was taken from album Expecting to Fly, which made it made it to the top of the album charts in the February of that year.

’We're afraid the time has come and we must say farewell,’ the group said in a statement posted on MySpace.

The group added: ‘After 17 years of touring and six studio albums, The Bluetones have decided that this Autumn's tour will be our last.

’We will be playing a career-spanning set of songs as a way to say thank you to our loyal supporters and hopefully signing off with a bit of a bang.’

Signing off with ‘a bit’ of a bang sounds about right.

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