The Boy Does Nothing but Take That

Alesha Dixon's certainly building up her music credentials as she reveals her dream of collaborating with Take That on their new album, having worked with lyrical genius Gary Barlow of said band, to pen some new songs.

Dixon, 31, has returned to her forte in the music field: MCing, having failed to conquer the 'States with her sizzling solo debut album, 'The Boy Does Nothing', the Metro Online reports.

'I never thought I would end up climbing mountains with Gary and writing songs with him. I love the boys and I’m very pleased that Robbie’s back. I think it is the right time now to inject some life into it and it will be a lot of fun', the loud and leggy singer muses.

Somehow we just can't see how Gary's simple pop ballads will match well with Alesha doing her former Mystique, gangsta MC rapping. But, then we're not X Factor judges, are we!

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