The Bublé Bursts

Cheesy crooner Michael Bublé has blown his top because a critic called him a cheesy crooner. The corny ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’ singer was described by one journalist as ‘cheesy as a quesadilla’ (if you don’t know what a quesadilla is, imagine a food version of Michael Bublé).

'Why doesn't that little bitch that wrote that try and write a song?’ Bublé told the Angry Ape. ‘Which they won't be able to do and that's why they're sitting behind their little computer, eating their little chips and writing that hateful s**t. Why don't they write their own song and see what they can come up with?’ Woah, Boob, someone get out of the wrong side of bed?

‘I think I'm a nice person but it'll only be a matter of time until someone tries to take away my dignity on film or on a radio station and I'll knock 'em out and then people won't think I'm the nicest guy in music anymore, I absolutely will knock 'em out. It's just a matter of time my dear, it's just a matter of time.’

Well, Michael we don’t think you’re cheesy. We think you're a Canadian Jedward - minus the twin.

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