The Bush is back

Pop crooner Adele seems set to be knocked from her lofty perch in the UK album charts by none other than songwriting legend Kate Bush.

Yes, the Bush is back, and Kate Bush's new album Director's Cut is currently leading the chart, leaving Adele trailing by 3,000 copies.

Director's Cut features reworked material from two previous albums, 1989's The Sensual World, and 1993's The Red Shoes.

The 52-year-old Wuthering Heights singer recently revealed that she's almost finished a brand new album with new songs and everything.

If she does manage to nab the top spot from Adele, it would mean Adele's record 21 managed a grand total of 15 non-consecutive weeks at number one. Surely she'll be in line for a knighthood before long at that rate.

Lady Adele ... you know it sounds somehow … right.

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