The Charlatans, Kasabian, Calvin Harris and Groove Armada rock V festival

To its critics, it's the estate agents' festival, offering inoffensive mainstream music and a corporate atmosphere. But we bet the thousands enjoying this year's V festival this weekend don't give a monkey's.

The festival stuck to its usual North-and-South format, with The Charlatans, David Guetta and Kings of Leon headlining in Chelmsford on Saturday and in Staffordshire on Sunday, and Kasabian, Calvin Harris and Doves doing things the other way round.

Guetta reportedly ran his set from 'atop a giant, illuminated tower,' while the Charlatans mixed classics like 'North Country Boy' with material from their forthcoming album 'Who We Touch.' Meanwhile, Kings of Leon told the NME they can spot latter-day fans because they tend to think songs from their older, less mainstream albums are in fact new material.

Oh and, in Chelmsford on Saturday, the crowd was also treated (er) to a lunchtime set from Peter Andre. So, yeah, it's not exactly Glastonbury, is it.

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