The Darkness to go on world tour

The Darkness have announced that they will be doing a full world tour in 2012. That is if you believe what lead singer Justin Hawkins has to say about it, anyway: is there really the demand for these hair-metal spoofers?

The rockers have also announced that they will be releasing new music to go along with all the gigging, so at least it won’t only be a complete nostalgia trip for 2003. They will be playing their first gigs since reuniting next month, at the Norwich Waterfront, the Leamington Spa Assembly and the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London on 5, 6 and 8 of June. They will then play under headliners Def Leppard at Download on 10 June.

‘There'll probably be a The Darkness album in 2012, but somehow we'll get new music out before then,’ said Hawkins. ‘A UK tour at the end of that year and then the world. Again.’

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