The Darkness to reform?

News that hair-metal revivalists The Darkness are to reform will shock and disgust music fans: the band came swaggering into the mainstream back in the early part of last decade, pumping out hits like ‘Get your hands off My Woman’ and ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’, and resurrecting the ghosts of Van Halen, and other tedious bands of that ilk.

Previous speculation was laughed out of town by lead singer Justin Hawkins, who in 2006 gave an interview to The Sun describing why the band had to split. However a new website called The Actual Darkness, complete with the bands logo, has been created online, and it’s even linked to the band’s Facebook page. Let’s hope you know what you getting yourself into, Hawkins.

‘I feel bad for the others, but I can't do it any more,’ he said all those years ago. ‘I hit absolute rock bottom. I spent over £150,000 on cocaine in three years - a frightening amount. I was consuming up to five grams a day which cost me £1,000 a week, sometimes more.

‘I became secretive, volatile and verbally abusive - a really unpleasant person to be around. There were lots of periods I don't even remember, blackouts.’

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