The death of the album?

Australian musician Dan Whitford, lead singer of synthpop outfit Cut Copy, claims that changes to how we consume music will eventually signal the death knell for the album.

The musician, whose band has just launched new album Zonoscopic, the follow up to the hugely successful Ghost Colours, claims that iTunes and similar technologies have made album making increasingly irrelevant.

He told the Daily Telegraph: ’People have definitely lost what the sense of a record is. It's partly because of the way people consume music, but I'm guilty of flicking through iTunes, listening to the first 20 seconds of a song and making up my mind on that, which is crazy.

‘It encourages people to not stuff around when they're writing a song and to get straight to the point.

‘We've almost gone the opposite way with this album. We have songs with extended intros and outros, songs that take minutes before there's even a vocal. It's almost at odds with what people do with records these days.’

Zonoscopic is available to buy or to illegally download now.

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