The Faces reformation update

If you’re a fan of The Faces then your luck is in: the seventies supergroup have confirmed they are to do a worldwide tour next Spring. On the other hand if you’re offended by ginger dreadlocked Mancs, you may be disappointed.

The legendary rock band recently played a one-off comeback gig at the Royal Albert Hall, and have since been waiting for frontman Rod Stewart to confirm his interest in a full scale reunion. But now the Scotsman has said he doesn’t want to be part of the comeback and they're on the look out for a new singer.

‘If we don't do tour very soon, one of us is gonna check out’ keyboardist Ian McLagan told Billboard. ‘We've been waiting and waiting for Rod to say yes; now he's finally said no. He's busy doing other s**t. So we're gonna do it. I just want to play.'

Simply Red wailer Mick Hucknall is favourite to replace Stewart in the band. No ironic 'faces' jokes please.

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