The Flaming Lips ‘Silver Trembling Hands’

The Flaming Lips have released an incredible 12 albums to date, each often stirring an experimental edge. However it wasn’t until 1999’s 'The Soft Bulletin' that they squeezed out some radio friendly smashers (see ‘Race For The Prize’) followed by their biggest selling albums 2002’s 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' and 2006’s 'At War With The Mystics'.

Still fronted by the least likely and nicest of rock stars Wayne Coyne, they’re back with new album ‘Embryonic’ and 'Silver Trembling Hands,' the first taster from it, definitely sees the Oklahomans go back to their early chaotic roots. Led by a marching band of a rhythm section topped with Coyne’s dark tinged vocals and a pick n mix of sounds effects, it’s not the most immediate of aural delights and would sit nicely on a sci-fi soundtrack. Either way they’re still one of the best live bands to ever grace a festival rig. All may or may not become clear when ‘Embryonic’ hits download stores on the 13 October.

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