The Floods Gates Open!

You’re no doubt reading this whilst cacooned in your office envious of those lucky enough to be descending on Worthy Farm for the Glastonbury Festival. Well, you’ll be peeved to know that the weather forecast for this weekend has taken a dramatic turn for the BETTER.

According to Metcheck, the weather for Worthy Farm will now see little rain, stay mostly dry, but overcast and some chance of sun. So basically as Crowded House once said ‘four season’s in one day’. At least it looks like it won’t be a washout.

Gates for this year’s gathering opened this morning with reports that already queues have formed on the A361 towards Pilton and the A37 from Bristol. 170,000 hippies will pass through those famous gates in the next 5 days. We'll be back tomorrow with reports of torrential rain, no doubt.

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