The Fratellis R.I.P

Are you sitting down? Good. This may be hard to swallow but...The Fratellis have split up. Sorry. The Scotch indie band who had a smash hit with football fans favourite Chelsea Dagger as well as Baby Fratelli say they aren’t going to record any new material again.

Breaking the news via their website lead singer Jon Lawler said: ‘we have no plans to work together right now. Sometimes things just work out that way. Mince, Baz and I are working on music but not with each other for a while.’ With bassist Barry [Baz] Wallace adding; ‘from the very first day we got together, The Fratellis never had a plan as such, we knew we were good, we knew we had a chance to make it. Turns out we were right, everything fell into place and we've spent the last five or so years touring the world sharing this great music with you all. At this particular point in time though we've found ourselves making music still but just not together. This is just the way it goes I suppose sometimes.’

The Fratellis rose to prominence with their 2006 album ‘Costello Music’ which led to a Brit Award for Breakthrough Act in 2007. Second album ‘Here We Stand’ failed to reproduce the hits of their debut album.

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