The Future Is Here

Since that little known thing ‘the internet’ destroyed music, record labels have been on their knees praying and scheming-up ideas of how to make any money they can from albums.

One idea that genuinely comes with an air of excitement is courtesy of The Kaiser Chiefs who are paying their fans to buy that album. Well sort of; they have 20 new songs on their website, you pick your favourite ten, digitally download a copy and for every copy of that version that someone else buys, you get £1. YES ONE WHOLE POUND! Whether these homegrown producers make any money is almost beside the point its turned out to be a sweet marketing move.

The band now has confirmed the official tracking to their fourth album ‘The Future Is Medieval’ and here it is...

  1. 'Little Shocks'
  2. 'Things Change'
  3. 'Long Way From Celebrating'
  4. 'Starts With Nothing'
  5. 'Out Of Focus'
  6. 'Dead Or In Serious Trouble'
  7. 'When All Is Quiet'
  8. 'Kinda Girl You Are'
  9. 'Man On Mars'
  10. 'Child Of The Jago'
  11. 'Heard It Break'
  12. 'Coming Up For Air'
  13. 'If You Will Have Me'

‘‘The Future Is Medieval’ the official album will be physically available from June 27th.

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