The Game hasn't got a problem with gays

Rappers often don't get the best press when it comes to their feelings on social matters: they're often presented as childish homophobic misogynists, who spend their entire time talking about just how god-damn hard they are – in all senses of the word.

West Coat rapper The Game however, appears to be an altogether different type of brother; one who doesn't have any problems with homosexuals, for one thing. However, he does have a problem with men who are in the closet, hooking up with girls and not using protection. Those people could give us all AIDS.

'Game don't have a problem with gay people,' he said to VLAD TV. 'Game has problem with people who are pretending not to be gay. The number one issue with that is that you can be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die. So that in the closet shit is real scary.

'Possibly, yeah. And not being just full-out gay, just pretending he loves girls and lives the rap lifestyle, but really he's a man fan… There's a lot of man fans out there in hip-hop. I see how you n****s be looking at n****s you're around too. They be looking at n****s crazy.'

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