The hunt for 'Decoded'

Jay-Z's forthcoming biography is a pretty big deal in the publishing world, so you wouldn't expect the rapper to be caught up in gimmickry in order to flog the book. But when the gimmick's this much fun, then you can't really blame him. Extracts from the book have been hidden across New York, with a couple in London, with interactive clues to help fans find the pages. The project was thought up by Droga5, a creative agency enlisted by Decoded's publishers, Random House to inject some hype into the proceedings.

A source at the publishers told The Guardian, 'They wanted the biggest launch of all time, to match Jay's stature. So the question was, could you put a book out into the world and then allow people to re-assemble it? We decided to put a page in every physical space that pertains to what he [Jay-Z] was talking about. If he was talking about one particular street in Brooklyn, wouldn't it be great to put a page there and then use technology to allow people to reassemble the book?'

Thanks Jay-Z, now if you could just stretch to a few thousand flights to New York so we can join in the hunt, that would be top notch...

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